No matter what the project is, budget is always a crucial element. Unfortunately, this is also an element that is not always managed properly. We have first hand experience witnessing clients pay for an entire design, only to find out they are over budget. We have also witnessed those who, in the effort of save costs, make poor decisions that eventually add cost to the project instead of savings.

So how does one avoid budget pitfalls? The answer is simple really – Work with industry experts you can trust, and engage in proper planning.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said then done, so let’s see how can we help:

We are happy to meet with you and explain our construction processes, built on a foundation of transparency and accountability. All our staff are hand picked and groomed to ensure the most important thing they do every day is act in the best interests of the client. Like any business, we provide service to earn a living, what we never lose site of is the only way to stay in business is to ensure our clients needs are met. We would be happy to provide references of our many satisfied clients.

We believe in realistic budgets and measured contingencies. We are not afraid to tell our clients what the realistic cost of work will be, even if it means losing out on business to those who tell the client what they want to hear…. the truth is numbers don’t lie. We are strong believers in a measured contingency. That means evaluating the information available, the decisions yet to be made and assigning the right amount of contingency. We understand that an inflated contingency budget can shelf a project, but we also know that an underestimated contingency budget serves no one in the long run.

We understand your Money Matters….

No matter what stage you are at in a project we can help with producing, monitoring and reporting on your budget requirements.

If you are looking for:

  • Order of Magnitude
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Costing
  • Design Development Assessments
  • Material and Methodology comparisons
  • Construction Budgets
  • Replacement Appraisals

We Understand Time is Money…

Having your project built in the best schedule is critical and will drastically affect your budget

and material selections. However, quickly is not always the most cost effective course of action.

We will advise on:

  • Design and procurement schedules
  • Local Authority timing for Permit Reviews
  • Material Lead Times
  • Phasing
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Minimization of winter costs
  • Integration of your occupation
  • Commissioning